Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Teen Blurb Review!

The lovely lady over at Teen Blurb is the first to review Call of the Vampire and she's given it five stars!

"Gayle Twist has created a tale of  a timeless love, the bonds of friendship, and the steadfastness of the human soul. Can love survive against all odds? Can a young girl give her heart to a creature that should not exist? What will the price be for Aurora and Jessie to be together?"

Okay, not sure how to turn the color off. Lol ~ Really need to learn more about blogging more professionally (in my spare time).

Anyway, for the full review, go here"

Teen Blurb

I will say that it is quite a pretty review and the Teen Blurb blogger could probably write a romance herself, if she hasn't already.

Grab a copy of Call of the Vampire here:


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