Saturday, June 1, 2013

Delays and Excuses

How did it get to be the first of June? I am so not ready for June. So many things happening and I have to get Heart of the Vampire out. I think I have to just realize that my self-imposed July 1st deadline for book two of the Vanderlind Castle series just isn't going to happen.

"Why not?" you might ask.

Well, three reasons:

1) I had that plot hiccup that got me off track for a bit. Had to do a rewrite and that sucked up time.

2) Tiny Size dropped her second nap of the day so that really gouged into my writing time.

3) Heart of the Vampire's plot is more complex than I realized. It's going to end up being about 20K more words than Call of the Vampire. So, you get more story, but you have to wait for it. Sorry about that.

(For those still interested, Fate of the Vampire, the last book in the trilogy, is going to be even longer than the first two. I will pack in the action and try to tie up all loose ends to everyone's satisfaction.)

"So Gayla," you might be thinking, "what are you trying to tell us? Give it to us straight. What's the big picture?"

The big picture is that I will probably be late on my launch of Call of the Vampire. I'm thinking mid-July instead of the first of July. I'm sorry about this, but in exchange you're getting a longer story, so I hope that's helpful.

xo~ Gayla

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