Thursday, July 4, 2013

Heart of the Vampire to launch July 10th

Yes, it's true. There was one of the minor levels of hell and some knee deep high water to survive, but nothing too disastrous, all things considered. The hard drive on my computer melting was not a fun moment, but thems the breaks. I was the fool who thought I didn't have to back things up on a six month old computer.

The good news is Heart of the Vampire turned out super cute, if I do say so myself. And it's 50% longer than Call of the Vampire. More fang for your buck. (Yay, puns!)

The fabulous people over at Sizzle and Swoon are doing a cover reveal on Friday. Fun! And the book should be ready on Wednesday July 10th, (if not a day earlier depending on Amazon and my ability to format.)

Anyway, I think it turned out well and I'm excited to find out what you think. Fabulous you. <3

A bit punchy off of 4rth of July BBQ. (To you United Stateiens out there, Happy 4rth!)

xo~ Gayla

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