Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Live Entertainment

My husband and I were out to dinner the other night. We were half way through our meal when a couple was seated next to us. My first impression was that it was early on in their dating life and they were excited to see each other again, but not intimate yet. His conversation starter for the evening was, "Which sports teams do you follow?" (Seriously? That's your go to second date question?) She said that she didn't really follow sports and only watched a game when she was invited to a party for the Super Bowl or such. Undaunted, he followed that up with, "Well, what sports did you play in high school?" She admitted that she didn't play any sports in high school. He persisted with, "Then what sports did you play as a kid?" The poor girl had to confess that she'd never played any sports. She had some kind of vision problem when she was a child and had to wear an eye patch. A ton of kids made fun of her so the doctor suggested she wear a sticker over the eye patch to make it cool. You could tell it was a childhood trauma for her and she was feeling really nervous because she just kept going on and on about the eye patch and he just kept becoming less and less enthusiastic about the date.

Suddenly I felt like I was watching a live version of The Mindy Project and I just wanted to shout at her, "Stop talking about the eye patch!" And I also wanted to yell at him about his weird sports obsession. Ask out a man if you want to talk sports all night.

As we walked home, I brought up the couple's conversation to my husband. He said, "I thought the whole eye patch thing was kind of endearing." And that's why I married him.

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