Sunday, March 29, 2015

Compelled to Crave by Erika Trevathan

Hello! If you are in the mood for some sexy vampire goodness, check out Compelled to Crave by the fabulous Erika Trevathan.

Here's the blurb:

*In the dark heat of a Louisiana night, handsome and magnetic Dristan St. Julien materialized at Madelyn Brantley’s side and rescued her from an evil she never knew existed – and then disappeared just as abruptly. 

Suddenly, Madelyn’s life becomes one big mystery as she tries to resist Dristan’s charm and sensuality while desperately attempting to unravel the mystery surrounding his connection to the discovery of a young woman’s centuries-old journal. 

As Madelyn probes deeper and deeper in her search for answers, she begins to realize that the superstitions and myths, that run rampant through her hometown of New Orleans, are not necessarily as mythical as she once thought. 

But nothing could prepare Madelyn for her biggest discovery: the provocative and ever-blurring lines between love, life and death. * 

Good stuff!

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