Friday, March 7, 2014

Fate of the Vampire has launched! So to celebrate...

You have read that correctly. I am celebrating the launch of Fate of the Vampire by making Call of the Vampire FREE for two days. Yes, that's right. Two days of free!

Please share this information with friends on Facebook and Twitter. That lady in the cubicle next to you looks like she could use some free. Ping her and brighten her day. ;o)=

Call of the Vampire is FREE on Amazon March 8th & 9th!

xo ~ Gayla

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  1. Having just finished "Call of The Vampire" I wanted to commend you on the book. I'll try to also leave an abbreviated comment on Amazon. I enjoyed much of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series but I didn't like the level of violence and gore many of her characters perpetrated, while your "Call of The Vampire" had "implied" violence it was far less and, most importantly, you gave sage advice throughout the novel that young ladies would be well advised to follow (but woven into the comments by Aurora that advise doesn't seem preachy at all - so may be more effective). My own "Immortal Relations" series is likewise unique in that my vampires try to protect humans from the evil type of vampires (as Jessie defended Aurora and her friend Blossom from Viktor), they also defend the weak from human criminals and dictatorial politicians (something we seem to have a plethora of it Washington D.C. these days). For me, it is an important message that not all vampires are evil, there are good ones out there...mine happen to own funeral homes from which what blood they need is available (following strict funerary procedures). I look forward to reading the continuation of your series and wish you the best of luck. While my own series is aimed at a much more mature audience, I'd be happy to let you have a Free copy of one or more if you wish to contact me. I always leave a review/comment on the books I read (as long as I can leave at least a positive one).